About 60 small hands moved in sync — mostly — in a drum circle at the Amagansett School on Monday, with results greater than the sum of its parts.
In Springs, the budget was approved, but a major proposition was rejected. Meanwhile, Sag Harbor votes handily approved the budget.
While the budgets and propositions on the ballots for the 2015-16 school year easily passed in the school districts where polls closed at 8 p.m., there were some upsets in school board races.
Residents will head to the polls Tuesday to vote yes or no on budgets for the 2015-16 school year.
A look at East Hampton students' trip to Plum Island, the federal government-owned facility.
A fifth-grade social studies class from John M. Marshall Elementary School were invited to take a trip to Plum Island after their message in a bottle happened to wash up there in March.
Community members continue to rally around the Springs School District, with the school board voting on Monday to accept donations of money and equipment totaling more than $13,700.
Last year, Springs voters approved setting aside $2 million in a reserve fund for capital improvements. Now they are being asked to spend it.
The first time turned out to be a charm for Kendall Stedman and Samantha Prince, two middle school students from the Montauk School. They were the first middle school students ever to be entered by Joe Malave, the school’s science teacher, in...