Harry Taradash’s office door was ajar so I gave it the old courtesy knock and walked in. He was crouched over, feeding glossy photographs into the...

I would hear from Honey once a year when she came to New York to go shopping at Bergdorf’s and Saks and Barneys. She would insist on taking me to lunch at the

When she strode into the student cafeteria, eyes turned. Her clothes were stylishly elegant and expensive: odd for a college student, I thought. She was obviously attired to attract attention. And the fact that she was beautiful and statuesque helped to keep a spotlight on her.

The Elders assemble, Sorcerers, Witch Doctors, Brouhas, Midwives armed with machetes, scalpels, magnifying glass, tweezers.

“What can I say? I’ve always had a thing for musicians. But he was in a different league. His voice had a quality I’d only heard in two other people — Judy Garland and Maria Callas. It made me want to cry...

On the first morning, Carter got to the restaurant before 7. Up with the chickens. She sat at one of the few tables out in the gazebo, close to the ocean.

(Part Two) The days were blue green, benign. The next time that Carter and Vicky were alone, they lay draped in towels about the padded seats on the motorboat they’d finally rented.