Those who love looking at other people’s gardens are in for a treat this weekend. The South Fork is celebrating National Public Gardens Day tomorrow, while on Saturday the Garden Conservancy will hold one of its Open Days, when the public can stroll through five private gardens.
There are few places in East Hampton Town that have updated their look without sacrificing their history. Old Stone Highway is one of those places, with careful renovations and restorations of classic Springs buildings and gardens aplenty.
Like all living things, plants are organized into natural units or families based on their genetic similarities. Understanding what family your favorite garden plant is a member of can help you better care and plan for it. For a botanist, looking at...
In 1986, two Amagansett neighbors, Bill Shank, an architectural designer, and John Whitney, a garden designer and horticulturist, often found themselves having conversations over their common back fence about horticulture. They realized that they...
Look a little more closely and you will find some remarkable and unusual plantings. There are cacti in the dunes and cranberries in the bogs of Napeague and Montauk.
Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia) was virtually unknown in our area as recently as three decades ago. Two things changed that.
The house and grounds have been “greened,” to use a catchall term for changes that have redefined the landscape and reduced the need for maintenance and overall consumption of energy.
Bright golden conifers form a dramatic backdrop for a weeping blue Atlas cedar underplanted with handsome rocks by the street, the entrance gate is a luminous deodar cedar washed in soft gold.
The Madoo Conservancy in Saga­ponack is ushering in spring with hands-on gardening workshops. Mike Gaines of CW Arborists will host “Trees and Shrubs,” a tour of the successes and failures of Madoo’s fall pruning campaign, on...