A forest glade with a thick carpet of ferns, etched in dappled sunlight cast by the shade of trees, has been a recurring dream since I first saw the island bed by Hollis Forbes’s driveway in East Hampton.
If you’ve been entranced by the bountiful crop of flowers on the kousa dogwoods this spring and have been tempted to add one to your garden, now is the time to act. Head right to your favorite garden center and pick one out while they are still in bloom — what you see is what you get, is what I was told years ago by a nurseryman.
“Planters: On and Off the Ground,” LongHouse Reserve’s annual juried invitational, will open on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at the East Hampton garden, museum, and educational foundation. Martha Stewart will judge the competition, as she did in LongHouse’s inaugural year, and visitors will determine the People’s Choice Award. Presentations will take...
This year’s Much Ado About Madoo garden market and cocktail party will celebrate Robert Dash’s purchase of Madoo in Sagaponack in 1966 and the 50 years of organic gardening there that followed.
Bridgehampton, Sagaponack, and Wainscott will be the focus of this year’s Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons garden tour, to be held on Saturday. Celebrating its 30th year, the tour will include five private gardens of note.
Garden enthusiasts across the East End will be monitoring the weather reports this weekend in the hope that umbrellas will not be required for the Parrish Art Museum’s Sunday garden tours. But when it comes to such tours, whatever the weather, if you hold it, they will come.
Five private gardens in Bridgehampton and East Hampton will be open to the public on Saturday as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.
Jack Lenor Larsen is not someone to sit back with his feet up on his desk, head cradled in his hands, and tell you about the good old days. The designer, builder, collector, and gardener would rather talk about the pergola he recently finished or...
When founding LongHouse Reserve, Jack Lenor Larsen decided early on that outdoor sculpture would be as integral to it as the gardens and landscaping.
  On an unseasonably warm day in early March, a tour of the LongHouse Reserve’s gardens began on the Golden Path, where Barmstead gold, a late bloomer in the reserve’s winter-flowering witch hazel collection, was still resplendent...
When we think of primulas, or at least when I do, we envision richly colored candelabras growing by streams and other wet places, small gems in the screes and crevices of the high mountains of Europe and China, or even the tender house plants we get to cheer us through the winter.
As LongHouse celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, it will be observing the ninth year of a program for student artists.
Somewhere in East Hampton Town, in a patch of woods just off a residential road, the last blooming yellow-fringed orchid in New York State emerged last summer from a tangle of dead leaves and fallen branches.