Some residents and officials in East Hampton Town were angered by last week's aerial spraying of methoprene, a mosquito larvicide, over Accabonac Harbor in East Hampton.
A pair of identical eight-bedroom houses being built by the same builder in two different Springs neighborhoods have alarmed residents, who say they have been told that the structures will house boarding students attending the Ross School.
Tuesday’s election in Sag Harbor Village features two races, one for mayor and another for justice.
Nawrocki Smith, an outside auditing firm that also checks on the town’s financial practices, will begin working next week with LTV’s accountant.
The committee will ask the fire district whether the town might lease part of the big empty lot next to the firehouse for five years for overflow parking.
As East Hampton Town begins to undertake various water quality improvement projects that have been recommended as part of a comprehensive wastewater management plan, the impact of waste from the Springs School, just a stone’s throw from both Pussy’s Pond and Accabonac Harbor, is being examined.
The Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee honored one of its own on Saturday, presenting Rick Del Mastro, a committee member for 30 years, with a custom baseball cap and a banner put up outside the Wainscott Chapel.
East Hampton Town’s efforts to enact restrictions on the use of East Hampton Airport in order to reduce aircraft noise have a backer in Representative Lee Zeldin.
Lisa Mulhern-Larsen has joined Nancy Keeshan on the East Hampton Republic Committee's ticket for the November town board race.