The Star’s hunter-gatherer, Durell Godfrey, loves shopping for people she knows, for those she might know, and those whom she will never know but who could use an idea or two.

There’s always a story behind an order of flowers, or at least an emotion — love, joy, and perhaps grief, for example. So, a grasp of rudimentary psychology is as crucial to modern floristry as a green thumb.
Joe Nahem of Fox-Nahem Associates and Jeff Fields, his partner in life as well as work, welcomed a visitor to their modest house on Further Lane, Amagansett, recently and said they had gone from living in “a crappy little nothing house, which we were fine with at the time” to one with unique personality in keeping with the firm, which is on Elle...
With a husband who is a chef, Patty Sales cannot generally be found cooking. But baking is a different story.
People began to line up at 8 Friday morning to be among the first admitted to an estate sale at Grey Gardens.
The Star’s hunter-gatherer, Durell Godfrey, might have experienced Objectivius Shinium Syndromus, or in other words, an attraction to objects that are polished, gleaming, or in other ways shiny. Easily bedazzled by the best and brightest, she...
The East Hampton Historical Society’s 2017 House and Garden Tour will feature five houses ranging in style from traditional to modern on Nov. 25 from 1 to 4 p.m. A cocktail party to benefit the historical society will take place at the Maidstone Club on Friday, Nov. 24, from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
If you have traveled on Montauk Highway, going in and out of Bridgehampton during the last six months, you may have noticed and wondered about white posts standing off to the side of the property just east of the Bridgehampton Inn.
Michael Malcé and Jolie Kelter, who had been collecting antiques individually for a long time, collected each other at a big antiques center on Second Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, when each had a booth there in 1971.
Around 30 years ago, I designed an exhibition titled “Long Island Modern” at East Hampton’s Guild Hall. Curated by Alastair Gordon, the architecture critic and historian who at the time was a columnist for The East Hampton Star, the show was a celebration of the early modernist houses built on the East End in the post-World War II period,...
“The outdoors is very much a part of the indoor living,” Arthur Beckenstein said of the house nestled in lush foliage overlooking Three Mile Harbor where he and his husband, John O’Rourke, live.
The Star’s hunter-gatherer, Durell Godfrey, went looking for the frivolous, the silly, and the delightful. Wanting an antidote to heavy current events, lightness became her goal. Here’s what she shined her personal light on:
On a recent, perfect summer day in a bright and beautiful house on high ground overlooking Fort Pond Bay in Montauk, Alison Lane showed a visitor some of her handmade creations, whose raw materials come from the earth.