Summertime is berry-picking time, and for those of us lucky to have berries in our gardens, it is also a time of challenges: getting to the ripened berries before the birds do, picking the berries before they rot or fall, and — in the case of the weekend gardener — remembering what weekend the berries will come in, so that we can clear our...

Combine equal weights of fruit puree and sugar in a large heavy pot, one that allows several inches of headroom between the mixture and the top of the pot.
Yes, the only person who cares about grandmother’s collection of needlepoint-slogan pillows may be grandmother, but it is still fun to spot some old bit of her bedroom furniture or her favorite egg-beater at Hamptons prices at a summer antiques show.
A forest glade with a thick carpet of ferns, etched in dappled sunlight cast by the shade of trees, has been a recurring dream since I first saw the island bed by Hollis Forbes’s driveway in East Hampton.
The Star’s hunter-gatherer, Durell Godfrey, who has an eye for the whacky, looked for the nifty and found the groovy. Is that called syzygy?
Most interior designers meticulously arrange their clients’ houses before being photographed, spending hours fluffing pillows, folding towels, and filling each room with vases of freshly cut flowers. But when the camera recently turned on his own house, which is hexagonal and sits on stilts on the oceanfront in Amagansett, David Netto, an interior...
Awhite, two-story house with a sailboat in the driveway on a quiet East Hampton street gives no clue to the artistry and craftsmanship of its inhabitants. Once inside, however, the creativity of its owners, Abigail and Paul Vogel, is visible everywhere.
“Past Present” by Susan Sully is a $45 coffee table book about 20 houses across the country that are filled with antiques. In part, it is a dream book for those who never tire of looking at antiques, even if they didn’t inherit any and can’t afford to collect them. And, in part, it is a guide to living with them graciously. Among its 200...

There are certain plants that any gardener interested in eating well will want to have, and among them, strawberries top my list. Unlike most vegetables, which can take all summer to grow and need to be replanted each year, strawberries ripen from late spring through midsummer. Once established, they need minimal care. And they are particularly...

An hour before they are needed, wash, hull, and slice the strawberries into halves or quarters. Toss a quart of the sliced strawberries with a half a cup of sugar (or to taste), along with an ounce of kirsch (optional).
If you’ve been entranced by the bountiful crop of flowers on the kousa dogwoods this spring and have been tempted to add one to your garden, now is the time to act. Head right to your favorite garden center and pick one out while they are still in bloom — what you see is what you get, is what I was told years ago by a nurseryman.
Bridgehampton, Sagaponack, and Wainscott will be the focus of this year’s Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons garden tour, to be held on Saturday. Celebrating its 30th year, the tour will include five private gardens of note.
This past winter appears to have been more difficult for hydrangeas than the winter of 2014, with its extended period of deep cold and a single cold snap in April that put paid to most of last summer’s flowers.