Letters to the Editor

Sometimes it’s the public, not just a private individual or business, that has to yield immediate benefits for the sake of sound long-term planning. Your carefully thought-out editorial about Bostwick’s current effort to get a permit for a new roof makes the point about a typical case.

Last summer, I stopped by Cars East at the Empire gas station on North Main street in East Hampton because I needed to add steering fluid in an old car that I drive. And when they asked me to leave my car, I suggested I had better not, as I was in a lawsuit with the owners...

Sadly, we are once again witnessing another episode of cultist zealotry, politically harnessed to thwart a property owner’s rights to develop his own property in a manner he would like.

From the standpoint of someone who has sailed in the lake, the Kalikow dock creates the need for entirely new traffic patterns for those who use small types of craft (sunfish, kayak, canoe, etc.), and there are many during the summer.