A Hauppauge apparel company has filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to register the name “Ditch Plains” for its exclusive use on clothing
An expedition to Greenland to recover bodies from a World War II crash site
Houses on the low end of the market can be found but usually need a lot of work.
East Hampton Town will add sand to a portion of the Ditch Plain beach in Montauk, where erosion has exposed hardpan and rocks, so that it can be used by bathers this summer.
There was Rose, black apron tied around her waist, blond hair pulled into a bun, pencil pushed behind her ear. I called out to her, “Rose! Hey!” and hugged her with inebriated familiarity.
An assistant district attorney said Donald J. Torr, 69, was taking renters' money and "invading their privacy at the same time."
Ditch Plain beach in Montauk, now a rocky expanse is closed to swimming because of erosion-related hazards on the shore and in the surf.
Rebuilding downtown Montauk’s shorefront is targeted to take place next year
The East Hampton School Board unanimously voted to appoint Elizabeth A. Doyle as the new principal of the John M. Marshall Elementary School