Bonac Yard Sale - Clams, kids’ clothes, and friendly ribbing.
The way in which the East Hampton Town Board makes decisions, and how much takes place in the public eye, is shaping up to be a bone of contention between the Republican majority and the two newly elected Democrats.
Local environmental groups have asked the State Department of Environmental Conservation to immediately ban the three most frequently found chemicals from use on the Island.
A plan to have a controversial new outdoor lighting law examined by a new committee drew agreement across the town board.
The East Hampton Village Board held a public hearing on Friday on a law that would restrict the size of real estate signs.
Questions are surfacing about the future of East Hampton Town’s septic waste plant, as the town board is poised to review proposals from private companies.
    As a condition of an East Hampton Town Trustee okay to repair a rock revetment in front of his oceanfront property back in 2006, William Rayner of West End Road promised to keep it covered with sand. This he has done, and he has...
A rare, tall-case alarm clock made in East Hampton in 1798 by the Dominy family was sold at auction at Sotheby's in New York on Saturday to an unidentified bidder, who will pay $110,500.
Mark Naison, a professor of African-American studies and history at Fordham University, said the Occupy movement had brought the issues of economic inequality that Dr. King had raised to the forefront of political discourse.