As Election Day nears, endorsement announcements in the East Hampton Town race are beginning to trickle in.
A 2012 East Hampton Town budget calls for a slight increase in spending of 2 percent, but would result in a tax decrease for residents.
Richard Haeg, who is running on the Republican and Conservative tickets for East Hampton Town Board, is a man of interesting parts.
Ted Dragon, who was born Edward Dragon Young but dropped his last name as a young man, died at home on in East Hampton on Sunday. He had been the longtime companion of the artist Alfonso Ossorio.
The perception that domestic crimes are rare and occur primarily among those who have low incomes is a dangerous one.
The East Hampton Airport took center stage in the coming town election as the Democratic candidates for town board pledged not to take Federal Aviation Administration grants.
Candidates argue about who did what and why
Ross School announced the addition of Mandarin Chinese as part of the lower-school curriculum.
First Coastal has been hired by the Sagaponack Village erosion control district to study the makeup, depth, and back-and-forth flow of sand.
Forty-nine percent of last year’s third grade at John M. Marshall Elementary School did not pass the state’s English language arts test.
The East Hampton Ghost House is back in the news, having finally been sold after eight years on the market.
Montauk parish’s popular former priest makes good in Manchester, N.H.
The East Hampton Environmental Coalition announced one of its first initiatives: a questionnaire on environmental issues that will be distributed to all East Hampton Town Board candidates.