Recent data suggest that early learning revolves around a child’s exposure to language — the more, and the earlier, the better.
Did you know that in the Town of East Hampton you are only permitted to rent your house out for fewer than 14 days twice in a six-month period? Otherwise it is considered a motel.
After being shut down by town officials last year mid-rave, the annual Shark Attack Sounds party may move to the Montauk Yacht Club on Star Island for a nearly all-night bash on the Fourth of July.
Two parents. Five children under the age of 8. Luminous screens reflect their slack faces back at them.
The U.S. Attorney's Office says owners of 14 7-Elevens used stolen identities to smuggle “dozens of illegal immigrants” into the country, and then employed them at the stores while stealing “substantial portions” of the vulnerable workers’ weekly pay.
An expedition to Greenland to recover bodies from a World War II crash site
A Hauppauge apparel company has filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to register the name “Ditch Plains” for its exclusive use on clothing
Houses on the low end of the market can be found but usually need a lot of work.
Three areas along the ocean on Napeague are being considered for new East Hampton Town bathing beaches with lifeguards and bathrooms.