Korean tradition draws nearly 1,000 to Montauk Point in predawn hours.
There are still tremendous needs in the wake of an event that did not just happen, but “is still happening.”
The director of the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter said recently that because of heavy pool use upgrades to the facility’s water filtration and ventilation should be undertaken.
Engineers suggest a look at private septic systems, as well as town plant
East Hampton Village may say one dwelling per lot is enough
Montauk pondside restaurant hopes to add outdoor dining and improved parking.

They come from Jamaica by way of the Bronx or from Trinidad by way of Riverhead or from Antigua by way of Queens, gathering around midnight in six-inch heels, rhinestones, sunglasses, and intricate hairdos
Inside a large room in East Hampton Village’s Emergency Services Building , preparation for a major storm doesn’t begin in the hours or even days beforehand. It begins months, even years, in advance.
Alec Baldwin, the actor and Amagansett resident, announced that his foundation would redirect funding to local libraries, including East Hampton's.