Some human domiciles are 1,000 years old or more. Several on Long Island date back to the late 1600s. Most houses, however, have lost their sense of permanence. Fifty years ago, one would never raze a house to build another one unless it was severely storm damaged or ravaged by fire. Nowadays, houses built in the last quarter of the 20th century...
I’ve avoided writing a column about fishing with drones because, quite frankly, I think it’s an idiotic pursuit. But recently I’ve been getting reports from tackle shops that more and more customers are inquiring about using a drone rather than a surf rod to deliver a baited hook.
Modern surf fishermen rely on rods manufactured with high-performance carbon fibers, reels built with aerospace gear technology, and lines created in chemistry labs to catch fish. Things were a little different at the dawn of surf fishing in Montauk.
Montauk, in my eyes, is one of the richest places for natural history in the United States. It has grasslands, forests, savannas, freshwater wetlands, tidal wetlands, ponds both permanent and temporary, hills, kettleholes, glacial erratics, cranberry bogs, dunes, ocean beaches, sound beaches, all matter of marine and freshwater fishes, blue-...
Of course I did this on purpose, I told my wife, showing her the large silver hook dangling from my left ring finger. You think an experienced fisherman like me could accidentally hook himself, I continued, unsuccessfully hiding a smile. She rolled her eyes, called East Hampton Urgent Care in Amagansett, and off we went to free the shiny devil...
In August the insects hold sway. It is time for the most bizarre looking insectsof all, the walking stick and the praying mantis. One very rarely sees more than one or two of these, the largest of our creepy-crawlies, in a season.
Monday night’s rain, though much less than an inch, was just enough to keep the broad-leaved trees from beginning to turn pale green.
Doctors for centuries have suspected that sea air has recuperative powers. They’ve directed patients with a wide range of ailments to head for the shore. Back in 1894, the English medical journal The Lancet offered that “those who are languid and debilitated from over-work or long-continued strain obtain benefit from sea air.”
The name menhaden is derived from a blend of Native American words that mean “he fertilizes,” which refers to the fish’s early use as fertilizer, including by the pilgrims in the early-17th century.