Pina and Juliet
    The Parrish Art Museum’s schedule of programs for next week starts on Sunday with a screening of “Pina,” a documentary by Wim Wenders about the choreographer Pina...

   We all should write a thank you note to Robert Wilson for locating his grand experiment in arts sponsorship on the South Fork.

   Making claims about the importance of recently deceased poets is a tricky business, especially if the poet was a friend. Robert Long, who died in 2006, was a friend, a poet friend — and friendships among poets is a subject...

Body on View at Ashawagh
    “Body of Work VII” will revisit the figurative work of several members of this group of artists, including Rosalind Brenner, Linda Capello, Michael Cardacino,...

 “An Available Man”
Hilma Wolitzer
Ballantine, $25  

   Carol Muske-Dukes will be among those receiving Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Awards from the Poets & Writers organization at a benefit dinner on March 29 in Manhattan. The award recognizes “authors who have...

With the buzz factor on the new Cindy Sherman retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art already at full decibels, aptly descriptive words such as malleable, prescient, and chameleon-like are already sounding like clichés.

 “The View From
Lazy Point”

Carl Safina
Picador, $18

Dwyer Does Cider