Stuart Vorpahl, who died in January, used to talk a good bit and with great common sense about the rights of East Hampton residents. Among them was the free use of the beaches, as spelled out in the Dongan Patent, a Colonial-era agreement.
A plan being put forward by the East Hampton Town Board to possibly convert the Child Development Center of the Hamptons, a now-closed charter school, to a senior citizens center is interesting, but might not be as attractive as first thought.
Americans are used by now to the too-fast-to-think ecosystem that is Twitter, the online forum in which posts are limited to 140 characters and in which the like-minded essentially echo one another in endless spirals of wit, while antagonists go for sharp rejoinders. Twitter is also a place where politicians sometimes lay bare their odder passing...
For all the attention being paid to the hamlet studies being conducted about commercial centers in East Hampton Town, there is reason for worry that larger issues could be overlooked.
East Hampton Town Highway Superintendent Steve Lynch has quietly been doing a very good job since taking on the job in 2012. But one thing he should be more aggressive about is the cordoning off of public roadsides by private property owners.
And there you have it: Scarcely half a year since the downtown Montauk sandbag seawall was installed by the Army Corps of Engineers, a minor late-summer storm called Hermine underscored the recklessness of the effort.
Election Day might seem a way off, but the deadline to register to vote is just about a month away, on Oct. 14. Perhaps the easiest way to get the registration process started is by phone. The New York State Board of Elections has a hotline, 800-FOR-VOTE, which takes requests for applications that are sent by mail.
Aviation business owners, along with a number of pilots, have long insisted that the true agenda of anti-noise activists was to shut down East Hampton Airport. Less-excitable observers have acknowledged the danger of not responding to community concerns.
If the striped bass population is in decline and what anglers, commercial harvesters, and regulators should do about it is a question worth asking as the fish head into their fall runs.