Four men on a mission delivered 34,000 pounds of fresh local produce last year to food pantries in Southampton, Sag Harbor, Springs, East Hampton, and Amagansett, the harvest of the three-acre East Hampton Food Pantry Farm on Long...

   Smokin’ Wolf
221 Pantigo Road
East Hampton
Monday to Friday from 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday from noon

Cait’s Baked
    Caitlin Baringer, who grew up in East Hampton baking with her mother, Jane Baringer, has returned to her hometown from California to establish Cait’s Baked, a baked goods...

St. Luke’s Favorites
    Ellen White, formerly the executive chef at the Silver Palate gourmet store in Manhattan, will lead a team of cooks at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Hampton on...

Danny and Barbara’s Best Trout Recipe
    This recipe is an example of the marinade being added after the food is cooked. The original recipe, from my friend Daniel Zwerdling, suggests letting the...

   If you are like 99 percent of the population out here in the summertime, you are probably grilling and barbecuing many of your meals.

   There are a few basic rules if you want to go into business: Pick something that people want or need, with a strong track record (7,000 years is good), and with an immediate following willing to serve as your guinea pig/test pilots...

   The Great Bonac Fireworks over Three Mile Harbor on Saturday night will be the occasion for special events at two waterfront East Hampton restaurants.

Bell and Anchor
3253 Noyac Road