Start off the Mother's day week with some Texas bourbon then visit a local restaurant for some Mother's Day specials.
The season gets off to a running start with many restaurants posting their Mother's Day Menus early.
Long Island Restaurant Week kicks off on Sunday with prix fixes at $27.95 at numerous dining places across Long Island.
After a week of cooking for ourselves and being cooked for by the lovely Ann Samuel while on vacation in St. Lucia, it was time to venture down the steep hill to Soufriere and have lunch in a restaurant.
Having been to St. Lucia a few times before, we were well aware that there is no fresh meat available, no fresh dairy products, and that fish is caught and brought into town in the mornings in wheelbarrows and it is catch as catch can, so to speak.
Reservations are being taken for an April 30 wine dinner at Michael’s restaurant at Maidstone Park in Springs, which recently remodeled to create a wine bar featuring a wide selection of vintages.
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Three upcoming sessions of the Wednesday wine-tasting and discussion series presented by Wainscott Main Wine and Spirits will feature wine experts from the East End.
It all began with ice cubes, or the lack thereof. Expecting some swells for dinner, I had to choose between having enough cubes for adult beverages or using them to shock and retain the beautiful emerald green hue of my green beans to be served...
D’Canela restaurant in Amagansett has launched a takeout menu with free delivery service in East Hampton and Amagansett. The extensive menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, ranging from eggs to appetizers, sandwiches, and salads...
If you want fresh vegetables, grown with organic methods, and like the idea of being as close to the farming of them as possible, the C.S.A. model may be for you and sign-ups are starting now.
I recently attended a C.I.A. boot camp, and golly did I learn a lot. And no, I’m not talking about the spy agency next to the house I grew up in in McLean, Va. It was the Culinary Institute of America campus in San Antonio, started in 2009.
With the weekend of Montauk’s St. Patrick’s Day parade behind us — a harbinger of spring that marks the start of the back-to-business season for a number of restaurants — news of reopenings continues to trickle in. On...