Like the post-Labor Day calm that descended on East Hampton Village last week, the village board’s work session last Thursday was brief, quiet, and uneventful.

   The formation of a citizens committee charged with collecting information about businesses and their needs appears to be on the horizon, after a plea from a business organization leader that East Hampton Town officials base decisions...

    Turnout for Tuesday’s Republican primary was low in East Hampton, with just 67 people casting ballots at the polls.

    While the results of the write-in primary for East Hampton Town...

    Cochlodinium, or rust tide, has been discovered in Three Mile Harbor, Northwest Harbor, and Accabonac Harbor.

    At the meeting of the East Hampton Town Trustees on Tuesday night, Stephanie...

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation late Wednesday partially lifted a temporary ban on shellfish harvest in some East Hampton waters.

        The East Hampton Town Board will hear comments from the public tonight about plans for new parking regulations along School Street in Springs, developed in concert with the Springs School.

G.O.P. Primaries Tuesday

    The Sagaponack Village Board will hold a special meeting on Saturday at 9 a.m. to get community input on a proposal to create a village police force.

    Responding to a move by some East Hampton Republicans to get him on their ticket for town supervisor via a write-in G.O.P. primary, Larry Cantwell said this week that he was not interested.