East Hampton Town Route 114 Recharge Basin     After delaying capital projects for several years while efforts were under way to get the town’s financial affairs in order, including identifying and borrowing enough money...
    Income to East Hampton Town’s community preservation fund plunged almost 22 percent in 2011.     According to numbers in a report provided by State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. yesterday, revenue from the...
Property owners who want to demolish their house overlooking Gardiner’s Bay at the end of Mulford Lane in Amagansett and build a new one protected by a rock revetment will be before the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals during its first hearings of the year on Tuesday.
In their first meeting of 2012, members of East Hampton Town’s ad hoc fisheries committee voted to recommend that the town board reappoint Arnold Leo, secretary of the East Hampton Town Baymen’s Association, to act as its consultant.
East Hampton Town Ethics Committee     East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson announced last Thursday night that the town ethics board had found no wrongdoing after being asked to look into whether Len Bernard, the budget...
Francis Bock, a former East Hampton Town Trustee, has installed a scale model of a “dune ladder” on trustee-owned beach at Lazy Point in Amagansett. The trustees are considering financing the construction of a 900-foot-long version to help combat chronic erosion.
The new year will bring no respite from thorny issues, if the first meetings of the East Hampton Town Board in 2012 are an indication.
After agreeing on Dec. 19 to abolish the village planning board and assume that board’s duties itself, the Sagaponack Village Board held its first meeting to address planning matters on Monday.

The first meeting of the newly constituted East Hampton Town Board at Town Hall on Tuesday was largely a matter of formalities, with elected officials being sworn in.