letters to the editor

The other day while driving on Route 114 I came across a trembling dog, a Weimeraner in the middle of this busy road. The dog was walking in circles and shaking. Several cars swerved to avoid him. I took a leash I had and proceeded toward the dog.

I just read the obituary of Helen Pugh of Montauk. I am remembering her kindness and her devotion to her community.

While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac execs rob the taxpayers of millions of our dollars with their multimillion-dollar salaries, the federal government hides another $2 billion in Obamacare for bailouts...

Nuclear power produces only 15 percent of the globe’s electricity. Is it really worth it? Reactors produce the most toxic waste products known to mankind. Is it really worth it?

Well here we go again, the town board is considering holding another farce meeting on the leaf-pickup program. They didn’t listen to the residents the first time so why waste our time again?

Sadly, we are once again witnessing another episode of cultist zealotry, politically harnessed to thwart a property owner’s rights to develop his own property in a manner he would like.

Last summer, I stopped by Cars East at the Empire gas station on North Main street in East Hampton because I needed to add steering fluid in an old car that I drive. And when they asked me to leave my car, I suggested I had better not, as I was in a lawsuit with the owners...

On the front page of The New York Times a headline read, “At G.E. on Tax Day, Billions of Reasons to Smile.”

Full of bull should be the conservative Republican motto for the next two years. Those who believe that their doo-doo doesn’t stink are immune to any realities that waffle in the putrid air that passes through their respirators. Dealing with deficit cretins who rave and rant about socialism has engendered a new game...