A Sag Harbor Village police detective who had been suspended last year resigned from his post on Friday.
Amagansett An electrical contractor, Davis Zeledon, called police on June 11 to report the theft of over 500 feet of copper wiring from a work site on Oceanview Lane, stolen sometime in May. Worse yet, the thief cut open a 400-amp meter pan to get...
Valon Shoshi, who was arrested in 2014 after firing a shotgun in his family's house, was back in jail on Thursday after being brought up on a felony sexual abuse charge.
People arrested over Memorial Day weekend received something no defendant here has ever before been given: A guarantee of legal representation from the moment they are taken in to East Hampton Justice Court to be arraigned.
The justices of East Hampton and Southampton Towns will be on hand for a forum called “Judging in the Hamptons” at the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton on Monday night at 7.
About 40 friends and parents were in the courtroom last Thursday during the arraignment of a man East Hampton Town police said had hosted a post-prom party for over 50 under-age drinkers, many of them Ross School students.
A Springs man who gave police two different names in recent years following arrests for drunken driving was charged again on Saturday, and this time his fingerprints betrayed him.
The Springs Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners has a new member. Jerry Sheehan was appointed on Monday night to fill the vacancy left when Chris Harmon resigned last month.
East Hampton Fire Department's first black chief had a role model close to home.
East Hampton Jason A. Gutterman was in his office at the Dutch Motel on Pantigo Road when he heard a crash, and then another. Looking out the window, he saw a man standing by his car, a 1994 Chrysler Concord, then racing away. Mr. Gutterman ran out...
A brawl at the Montauk 7-Eleven over the Memorial Day weekend has led to eight arrests, including two on felony charges of attempted assault with a weapon — a four-foot-long wooden two-by-four — with intent to cause serious injury.
After a tumultuous Memorial Day weekend, with multiple daily arrests for driving while intoxicated, the roads were noticeably calmer last week.
A 2 a.m. altercation at the Stephen Talkhouse that began between two women and spread to others sent police there on May 31.