Aside from a cut on his cuticle consistent with nail biting, Mr. Lee appeared to have no injuries when photographed after the alleged incident, East Hampton Town Police Detective Ryan Hogan testified Thursday.
In the second day of Jason Lee's rape trial, a taxi dispatcher says a caller whose number matches that of Mr. Lee requested a taxi from house where the alleged incident took place not long after police arrived.
On March 30, the lieutenant became commander of the force’s Montauk precinct, taking over from Lt. Chris Hatch.
Amagansett Daniel Gaunt of Coram parked his Ford van outside Luz’s Deli on the morning of March 30. He returned to the van to find that several items had been stolen from the middle console. East Hampton Village
An East Hampton man who was charged on Sunday with driving while intoxicated, his third such arrest in eight years, could face “significant” jail time if convicted of the felony charges he is facing. East Hampton Town police stopped...
A Sag Harbor man facing a charge of petty larceny forgot the most basic maxim for criminals: make sure no one is watching. Sag Harbor Village police said that at about 6:30 a.m. on March 31, Gregory P. Zaykowski, 34, was caught on surveillance...
Another week closer to April 15, and there are two more reports of scammers posing as Internal Revenue Service agents. Both incidents occurred last Thursday.
Prosecutor says Goldman Sachs director forced his way into a bathroom before raping a woman he had just met that night. His lawyer says sex was consensual.
A man was reportedly trapped in a trench at a construction site in Water Mill on Tuesday afternoon.
The judge who will oversee the rape case against Jason Lee has allowed two "bad acts" to be admitted into evidence, including that Mr. Lee allegedly made advances toward another woman on the night of reported rape.
E.M.T.s having breakfast were already on the scene when an elderly man drove into the side of the East Hampton bagel shop.
East Hampton An alert Stuart’s Lane woman noticed an unauthorized charge on her bank card in February. Jennifer Cunningham disputed the charge, which the bank then reversed. On March 23, after investigating, the bank informed her that someone...
Nowhere in East Hampton Town or Village, nor in the village of Sag Harbor, were any arrests made for drunken driving during the week just past. In Southampton Town, though, an East Hampton woman was charg­ed with the misdemeanor early Saturday...