Durell Godfrey, the Star’s hunter-gatherer, loves taking photographs of the spectacular centerpieces that sprout in the Grand Prix tent at the Hampton Classic Horse Show every year. While snapping pictures, she picked up a few hints for your...
Reminiscent of roses, they are beautiful but fickle

This spring is my tenth for keeping bees on the East End, currently in fifteen locations from Southampton to Amagansett on farms, nurseries, and backyards. The challenges have never been greater. And so have the consequences for us all.
The Sagaponack man police say set fire to a $34 million Dune Road house in Bridgehampton on Saturday is being held on $500,000 bail and has been ordered to undergo psychiatric examination.
David Osiecki, 54, to be arraigned Sunday on a charge that he deliberately set fire to a $34 million oceanfront house in Bridgehampton, as well as in connection with an earlier brush fire elsewhere.
Firefighters responded to a daybreak blaze in an oceanfront house on Dune Road in Bridgehampton.
The Springs artist Margaret Kerr made an enclosed garden at her home and studio overlooking Accabonac Harbor using only plants and elements found in medieval cloistered gardens. Surrounding the house and scattered about the property are the brick...
"They love garbage, and that's what gets them close to people," Dell Cullum, a photographer and wildlife trapper, said.

The fire was reported on Cosdrew Lane off Ancient Highway and Whooping Hollow Road in East Hampton at 10:16 a.m.
An East Hampton man who has been in and out of prison for most of his adult life may be headed back again.
Edwina von Gal, a celebrated landscape designer who divides her time between Springs and Panama, wants it known that it is possible to have a perfectly manicured lawn without using chemicals.
At our house, the back is a small world with a climbing tree for the boys, a garden, and a yard defined by mismatched fencing in various stages of repair. Beyond lies swampy woods.  It’s my husband’s garden that occupies the...

Last season my Oxydendrum arboreum was pronounced unequivocally dead. The tree had shown warning signs of terminal illness for a couple of years. But I doggedly postponed the reckoning by pruning out defunct limbs, piecemeal, as they succumbed. Now...