The turnouts were large, the coaches were sanguine, and the athletes were eager on Monday, the first day of spring practice at East Hampton High School.
The Perlman Music Program will present a solo violin recital by Francesca Anderegg, an alumna of the program, on Saturday afternoon at 5 at the Clark Arts Center on Shelter Island. Ms. Anderegg, who will be accompanied on piano by John Root, will perform classic and contemporary works by Mozart, Hannah Lash, Clint Needham, Manuel de Falla, and...

My teacher friends have told me that when their students wanted a snow day, they wore their pajamas inside out the night before: a snow rally cap. I had never heard of this ritual. I grew up in Niskayuna, New York, a small town far enough north of New York City that we didn’t have to work so hard to get a day off school. We could count on four or...
The following received winter season athletic awards at East Hampton High School last week.
Improvements to septic waste systems in downtown Montauk, in order to limit the release of pollutants that could have a negative effect on ground and surface waters, including Fort Pond, were a topic this week at a meeting of the Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee.
President Trump, who owns a handgun and has a New York State permit to carry it hidden, has killed a rule that President Obama put in place before leaving office that would have limited access to guns by some of the more than 70,000 mentally ill who receive full disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The Obama measure was...
Government does some things well and there are some things best left to private contractors. The East Hampton Town Trustees are thinking about buying and operating a dredge to keep East Hampton’s harbor entrances navigable. This is one job better left to the professionals.
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Our readers comments
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A handful of parents, a batch of schoolchildren, and a pair of grandparents, including me, went to East Hampton High School on Sunday to see “In the Heights,” this year’s musical, and to say we were glad we had done so would be an understatement; we were blown away.