Elected officials on the East End, as well as many environmental advocates, are barreling ahead with a plan to seek voter approval to draw as much as 20 percent of future community preservation fund revenue for water quality improvement. However, in presenting the initiative as a good thing, they have failed to study its potential impacts in a...
When East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. abruptly demoted Barbara Borsack on July 5 from the position of deputy mayor in favor of a relative newcomer to the board, Village Hall’s normally decorous atmosphere was rattled. Calling the move a cabinet shuffle, the mayor declined to elaborate on his decision.
A recently married couple I know moved from their apartment in Queens into their first house last week, and what a house it is!
The osprey are not the first birds to wake up and start carrying on. Near Gardiner’s Bay in Amagansett in the minutes before dawn, when there is only a scattering of light in the east, birds I cannot name by their voices alone twitter from the scrub oak.
“Old age should burn and rave at close of day,” Dylan Thomas said, and so I’m playing tennis this evening with the Wednesday group — 16, sometimes 20 of us doing battle in the waning light.
I was stuck in traffic, going west — on that part of Montauk Highway that slows down after Stephen Hand’s Path and before the way off the highway to take the back road.

Or not really worry, but maybe to think about if you can’t get to sleep some night. That’s how the question came up in the first place. My friend, who apparently often can’t get to sleep, asked me on the beach if I ever considered what would happen if the earth stopped spinning even for just a second. He thought everybody would fly off into space.
After months of silence and speculation, Guild Hall announced last Thursday that Andrea Grover has been named executive director to replace Ruth Appelhof, who is retiring.
The Upright Citizens Brigade comedy-training schools have produced so many hot names in the industry that you never know if the performers you’re seeing on its stages in New York and Los Angeles will be the next Aziz Ansari, Kate McKinnon, Jack McBrayer, or Rob Corddry.