Thanksgiving morn was cold and gray and still they came to run, jog, or walk in the East Hampton Town Recreation Department and John Keeshan Realty three and six-mile turkey trots in Montauk.

The village trustees’ idea that these garden follies be counted against the total allowable floor area amounted to fighting words.

In his 1863 Thanksgiving toast, Abraham Lincoln said, “The year that is drawing to its close, has been filled with the blessings o

Scallop yield over the last 25 years has been erratic, unpredictable, and unreliable. But this year, locavores can rejoice!

One snipped here and there by way of saying goodbye and voted, knowing a great change was in the nation and went to bed early, not wanting to know, not just yet.

It’s a pity this is the only time of year we start to think about cranberries. Chances are, the only time any of us eat them is in their canned or jellied form, courtesy of Ocean Spray, a