Central to the new East Hampton Town hamlet studies are recommendations about one of the greatest challenges: how to increase the supply of houses and apartments that the town’s working people and other residents can afford. Meanwhile, a proposal to...
Even though I don’t consider myself particularly susceptible to trends in the kitchen — I never did get into sriracha, for example — I am, like all of us, susceptible to flavor fads. I’ve cooked my way through the great goat cheese glut of the 1980s...
It would be great publicity for all involved, if anyone reads it. That was part of my thinking this week on a story about a portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis whose ownership is disputed in a federal lawsuit.
The other night on the “NewsHour,” our source for horror on weeknights, they showed the light that could not until recently be seen in what was heretofore thought to be vast outer blackness.
“You have to write the piece that goes with this rap: ‘No Conca, no movie theater, no diner, no Black Buoy. (Variety Store? You’re right, it’s still there.)’ ”

I don’t need to be reminded I’m getting old when I’m on a pleasant afternoon jaunt shopping for dinner with friends in blissful, if temporary, obliviousness to the passage of time and the nearness of death.
The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.

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Craig Brierley, East Hampton High’s boys swimming coach, will take a dozen of his competitors to the county swim meet at Suffolk Community College-Brentwood Saturday morning, the core of the squad that finished second to top-seeded Hauppauge...
The East Hampton High School boys basketball team had to win Monday’s game at Kings Park to make the playoffs, and it did, 57-44.
Andreas Koutsogiannis, a senior who wrestles at 195 pounds for East Hampton High School, finished the season with a 26-10 record at the Division 1 county championships this past weekend, narrowly missing the match for fifth and sixth place.
It will be rebuilding in capital letters, Joe McKee, East Hampton High’s football coach, agreed during a conversation at The Star Monday, though, buoyed by the likelihood that Bonac once again will field a varsity team, he’ll welcome the challenge.
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