Three generations of Rattrays have enjoyed the old house I live in, which, as you might guess, is both awfully nice and, at least on occasion, headache-inducing. I like to say that this or that treasure “came with the house” when someone asks about a vase or a chair, but I also find myself worrying about who has saved what and whose responsibility...
It is strawberry time again, which means time to think about putting up some preserves from the local crop. But the way things go, South Fork strawberries are usually gone by the time I get around to pulling out the canning kettle.
I told our eldest daughter that she was living in northwestern Ohio the Suburban Dream, which she knows.
I’ll admit it: I enjoy show tunes. Listening gives me great joy, and I particularly like breaking out into song with a selection from a favorite musical. Be it Broadway hits like “Rent,” “Chicago,” or “Wicked,” I’ve been known to belt out a number or two. But only when appropriate, for instance when I’m alone, like in my car or in the shower, or...

It was spring along the East End beaches of Long Island. The striped bass moved along the rolling surf, driven to follow all the baitfish before them as they had when no humans were around to remember. They were followed by the gannets and the ospreys diving from above, feasting on the baitfish pushed to the roiling surface by the bass and...
When he talks about the various dishes from around the world that can be made over an open cooking fire and the different effects flame has on food itself, Adam Kelinson exudes enthusiasm and expertise.
If you’ve been entranced by the bountiful crop of flowers on the kousa dogwoods this spring and have been tempted to add one to your garden, now is the time to act. Head right to your favorite garden center and pick one out while they are still in bloom — what you see is what you get, is what I was told years ago by a nurseryman.
Koichiro Kurita has a way with rocks, with trees, with ponds, indeed with nature in all its forms in straightforward photography, and, more recently, with collage. His insanely textural and captivating images are on view at Ille Arts in Amagansett with Takeshi Shikama’s photographs from his “Urban Forests” and “Garden of Memory” series.
The Southampton Arts Center, in partnership with the New York Academy of Art, will present “Water/Bodies,” an exhibition organized by Eric Fischl and David Kratz, the academy’s president, from tomorrow through July 31. A reception will be held on July 2 from 5 to 7 p.m.