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Long Island is the biggest island by far in the Long Island archipelago. This archipelago may not be a true archipelago like the Galapagos in the South Pacific off Ecuador or the Channel Islands off Southern California in the middle Pacific or the San Juan Islands off Washington in the northern Pacific. The status of Long Island as an island has...
Bluefish are born mean. A snapper, or juvenile bluefish, will attack just about any lure thrown its way. This silver assassin’s impulsive behavior and voracious appetite make it the perfect target for kids, first-time anglers, and those who just want to have some summer angling fun without committing whole hog to the sport. Even a grizzled...
Shanette Barth Cohen, who soon will have a tiger by the tail in the form of the weeklong Hampton Classic Horse Show, spent part of Friday eyeing on television the Olympics in Rio, where the United States team was to win a silver medal in jumping.
John Franco, the New York Mets Hall of Famer, had 424 saves in his major league baseball career — the most ever by a left-hander — but arguably none was bigger than his save of the Writers’ bruised egos Saturday in the 68th Artists and Writers Softball Game.
Gustavo Morastitla, a 16-year-old who’s entering his junior year at Southampton High School, and who has been working this summer for a Gubbins Running Ahead store in that village, won Sunday’s 21st Ellen’s Run, a 5K, in 16 minutes and 46 seconds.
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