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  •     Students at Springs School are finally one step closer to securing a safer route to school.

        Earlier this week, New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. announced that the New York State Department of Transportation had agreed to cover safety improvements planned around Springs School, with the goal of helping to promote safer and healthier alternatives of getting to school and making it safer for everyone to walk or bike in the area.

  • Part-time is the new normal for most of the 100 or so employees at the Waldbaum’s supermarket on Newtown Lane in East Hampton
  •    Thirty years ago, almost as a means of self-preservation, Marya Martin founded the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival.
        Soon after her marriage, the flutist embarked on the summer festival circuit, an annual cross-country pilgrimage that required she leave her new husband, Ken Davidson, a businessman, for eight weeks at a stretch. Dissatisfied with spending so much time apart, the couple decided to start their own festival a bit closer to home.

  • It is a changing of the guard for the Springs School Board, which recently elected a new president and vice president.
        At a reorganizational meeting on July 8, board members chose Elizabeth Mendelman as president and John Grant as vice president. Ms. Mendelman replaces the former president and outgoing board member, Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, whose nine-year term ended at the end of June. Mr. Grant was also vice president last year.

  • Since establishing itself as a boarding school in 2008, when Ross first enrolled 11 boarding students, the boarding program has rapidly expanded. Of the approximately 500 students enrolled at the school this year, around 40 percent were boarding students, a number that school officials say will hold steady come September.
  •     The recent death of Anna Mirabai Lytton, a Springs School eighth grader, cast a pall over the school’s graduation ceremony last Thursday evening at East Hampton High School.

        There was hardly a dry eye in the house as Springs students took to the stage during a ceremony that celebrated the achievements of those assembled while also serving as a final farewell to a beloved classmate.

  • At the Springs School, where eighth graders should have spent the week anticipating summer and preparing for graduation, staff and students instead grappled with the death on Saturday of a 14-year-old classmate who was to have graduated tonight.
  • Recent data suggest that early learning revolves around a child’s exposure to language — the more, and the earlier, the better.
  •     Adam Fine, East Hampton High School’s principal, began Tuesday night’s meeting of the East Hampton School Board with a summary of the findings of a recent school-wide survey examining issues such as security, diversity, and support. The survey, an anonymous 20-minute questionnaire, was conceived of by a committee of students, parents, faculty, and clergy following the suicide of David H. Hernandez, a junior at the school.

  •     “A love fest” was how Eric Casale, the principal of the Springs School, described Monday night’s school board meeting, during which two of its members bid a final farewell. But quickly talk turned to questions concerning his leadership in dealing with a cheating scandal when he was a principal in the Bronx.