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  • Phil Carlucci’s “Long Island Golf” is a pleasant outing for golfers, mere fans of the sport, and the history-minded, offering reminders of the way it used to be — “Sag Harbor’s current course dates to around 1915.
  • “It’s as hard as it looks, you gotta read ’em dumb books,” Loudon Wainwright sings in “Bein' a Dad,” one of his inimitable explorations of family life, “and you end up despising Walt Disney.”
  • Bridgehampton High's Killer Bees won their state Class D semifinal in Glen Falls Friday, riding the crest of a 31-9 fourth quarter to a 68-50 victory over the 23-0 Moriah Vikings of Port Henry. The championship game will be played on Saturday at 5:30 p.m.
  • Montauk at the St. Patrick’s Day parade: It’s not all beer cups and bagpipes. How about the history of the place?

    For those interested in such, Carl Fisher, the visionary prewar developer most responsible for the shape the “Miami Beach of the North” was to take, is the subject of a brick-thick biography by Jerry M. Fisher, his grandnephew. “The Pacesetter,” first published in 1998, is just out in a new edition from the Friesen Press, a self-publishing concern out west.

  • The children’s book team of Jim and Kate McMullan of Sag Harbor has branched out with a pilot for an Amazon Original Series that can be seen for free at the website of the retailer turned budding network. Episode one of “The Stinky & Dirty Show,” based on the McMullans’ “I Stink” and “I’m Dirty” books, is a 12-minute excursion into a Utah-like desert landscape a la Chuck Jones’s immortal Road Runner and Coyote cartoons for Warner Brothers, where, as then, towering rock formations figure in the plot.

  • “Football”
    Edited by John Schulian
    Library of America, $30

  • It wouldn’t be a Loudon Wainwright III album without a mix of exuberance and melancholy. In “Looking at the Calendar,” from his latest CD, “Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet),” the speaker throws up his hands and admits “there really is no day / That makes sense for us to end it, to throw it all away.”

    It’s a breakup song with a sense of loss set to unusually (for the singer-songwriter) amplified, emphatic guitar, and Mr. Wainwright’s voice is at its full-throated best.

  • When Brandon Kennedy-Gay executed a beautiful head fake on his Amityville defender and slashed to the hoop for a layup late in the second quarter of Monday’s game here, three things happened: The Bonac faithful erupted, the loudest they’d be all night, the boys pulled to within 2 points, at 35-33, entering halftime, and expectations were defied, as they say, against a ball-hawking Warrior team ranked eighth in the state going into this young season.

    The game was on.

  • On Saturday when a ribbon is cut in Sag Harbor to mark the opening of a hamlet-to-hamlet trail system on the South Fork, it will be the realization of a waking dream.
  • “The Social Climber’s Bible”
    Dirk Wittenborn and Jazz Johnson
    Penguin, $20

    John Updike insisted on writing his own jacket copy. A curious fact that can pop up when you least expect it. If you happen to be reading jacket copy.