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  • Potentially one of the busiest summer weekends was boarded up and shut down by the winds and flooding Irene brought.
  •     “Miss Electricity,” a play by Kathryn Walat, will have its last two performances tomorrow and Sunday at the Mulford Barn on James Lane in East Hampton. The second production this year by the Mulford Repertory Theater company, “Miss Electricity” is a comedy for younger audiences.

  •     James Conklin’s business card for Home Sweet Home Solutions advertises “over 44 years of solving other people’s problems.” But the Conklins had a problem of their own on Sunday morning, when a large tree in front of their house on Dayton Lane in East Hampton Village came crashing down.
        “I was upstairs, and I heard this really loud boom,” said Sandra Conklin. “Little pieces of stuff started falling on the floor — bits of Sheetrock and roof.”

  •     While cities and states across the country are struggling financially or on the verge of default, East Hampton Village — through careful budgeting and a few unexpected windfalls — ended up with around $700,000 more than expected when the fiscal books closed at the end of July.

  • It was only last Thursday that Barbara Strong Borsack, deputy mayor of East Hampton Village and a recent addition to Southampton Hospital’s board of directors, set her eagle eye on me as I sat waiting to scribble my notes just prior to the East Hampton Village Board meeting.
        I noticed, as a few people came into the room, that Ms. Borsack was handing out pretty blue T-shirts. I wanted one, and let my wishes be known.

  • It’s not every actor who has over 100,000 fans on his Facebook page. Or, come to think of it, a Facebook fan page dedicated solely to his eyebrows. 
                Zachary Quinto — best known for his work as the uber-villain (though possibly redeemed) Sylar on “Heroes” and for his role as Spock in 2009’s “Star Trek” — will play Clifford Glimmer at Guild Hall in Warren Leight’s Tony Award-winning play, “Side Man,” on Sunday at 7 p.m.

  •     When the first roughly 20 people first worked their way across the open ocean as part of Paddlers for Humanity back in 2005, most were in kayaks or prone paddling on boards, and only one woman, Marilyn Suder, made the trip.
        “In 2008, we started seeing paddleboarding springing up, literally,” said Fred Doss, co-president of the organization with Ed Cashin of Weekend Warrior Tours in Sag Harbor.

  •     Josephine’s Feast! was started in 2009 by Laura O’Brien, a Southampton resident. Using apples from her backyard to make apple pectin and apple butter, along with a myriad of other fruits she raises at her house, Ms. O’Brien dedicated herself to the ancient French culinary art of méthode confituer — the small-batch preparation of preserved fruits in copper pots.

  •     Beauty events are big this season. Following Renee Stern’s (of Renee Stern Cosmetics) visit to White’s Pharmacy two weeks ago to discuss eye colors, Rebecca Underdown of the McDermott family in East Hampton hosted the East Coast launch of her Essencia organic skin care line at Coastal Home in Bridgehampton last Thursday.

  • In a recent meeting the East Hampton School Board focused on forming committees, cafeteria food, and various ways to save.

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