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  •     Stanley and Susan Reifer's Chinese garden, hidden in the woods north of Bridgehampton, is something to behold. With a traditional moon gate, stone bridges, inlaid paths, waterfalls, and ponds with the requisite koi along with weeping cherry trees and oriental plants, the landscape takes those lucky enough to visit to another realm.

  • n order to stay under the state-mandated 2 percent property tax levy cap, $791,969 worth of cuts were made to existing programs
  •     Two illuminated crosswalks to assist nighttime pedestrians and drivers will be installed on Main Street in East Hampton Village over the next few weeks. The installation, approved by the East Hampton Village Board in February, began on Monday, six months after a pedestrian was hit and injured in a village crosswalk at dusk.

  •     “In all the years we’ve been in the business, our phone number hasn’t changed,” said Ernie Schimizzi, who, with his brother, Greg, has had a stronghold on the local television market for almost two decades.

  •     According to a report from George Simpson, president of Suffolk Research Service, on sales of properties on the East End, the first quarter of 2012 is still showing a downward trend compared to the numbers from the first quarter of 2011.

  • Fred Doss of Bridgehampton has been associated with buildOn, a nonprofit group that teams students in the United States with global school construction projects, since 2001.
  • A new pond and pump house proposed at the Maidstone Club, plus a new irrigation system, have some wondering about impacts on Hook Pond.
  • Richard Burns smiled broadly, accepting a standing ovation from the East Hampton School Board and the audience in the high school auditorium on Tuesday night as the board announced that his position as interim superintendent would now become permanent.
  •     The school board elections this year, as seats in local districts become available, are not expected to be the game of musical chairs that they have been in years past. Several board seats will be uncontested, including one on the East Hampton Board of Education, where Laura Anker Grossman, a 20 year board veteran, is stepping down.

  •    I’ve always been fascinated with all things medieval so I’m just as surprised as anyone that I had never even heard of a Renaissance fair until I was at least 35 and never attended one until I was past 40. Growing up in New York City exposed me to all kinds of people from all walks of life, but I don’t remember a lot of them walking around in armor or wimples. But maybe I just wasn’t very observant.

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