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  •     Jim Shelly made the difficult decision to leave the Sag Harbor Getty gas and service station because he had no choice, he said Monday. Being assigned a fuel supplier that charges just “three to five cents less than what Hess is pumping it for,” there is no way for an independent retailer to make money there, he said.

  •     Twenty-five years after Christian Wolffer established the Sagaponack vineyard and winery that eventually became Wolffer Estate Vineyard, his daughter Joey Wolffer and son, Marc Wolffer, announced on Monday that they will be the new co-owners of the operation.
        At a press conference held in the Sagaponack tasting room, the two said they look forward to continuing the legacy built by their father, who died four years ago in a swimming accident in Brazil.

  • The Vajravarahi Meditation Center in Sag Harbor has asked the Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals to overrule a building inspector’s determination that meditation classes cannot be held in its Hampton Street storefront.
  • A dead female finback whale, estimated to weigh about 58 tons, was beached on Napeague on Sunday, the same day that a young male pygmy sperm whale washed up, still breathing, about three miles down the beach in Amagansett.
  •    Since 2005, men and women from the local community ranging in age from 18 to 91 have been learning how to integrate plant-based nutrition, fitness, and stress management into their lifestyle through educational programs from the Wellness Foundation of East Hampton. For many who follow the program, daily life involves eating on the go or dining out, recently made more doable with a partnership between restaurants and markets that offer meals that follow a strict criteria.

  • The resumption of last summer’s trial run of the Hampton Jitney’s passenger ferry between Greenport and Sag Harbor appears in doubt.
  •     The Sag Harbor Village Board has held a few “special” meetings recently in addition to its monthly session, with regard to village employees, committee members, and volunteers. One such meeting, held on Dec. 28 at 8 a.m., included a discussion of the village police force, which the board has talked of cutting or even disbanding.

  •    Those who know, return repeatedly. Those who don’t are missing out on a flavorful experience offered even in the sleepy wintertime in Greenport. Aldo’s Cafe is awake seven days a week, year round, with the aroma of fresh coffee, hospitality, rich tastes, and a picturesque view of the Mitchell Park waterfront.

  • There are still tremendous needs in the wake of an event that did not just happen, but “is still happening.”
  •     Church bells will ring villagewide on Saturday in Southampton in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on Jan. 1, 1863. Sponsored by many village organizations and businesses, events will include a public reading of the document, a round-table discussion of its meaning, and a party with poetry, jazz, and food.

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