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  •     Last Thursday’s announcement of a second confirmed case of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus in Suffolk this year arrived amid aerial pesticide spraying by the county and a furious reaction from those who fear the spraying endangers the environment and public health.

  • As fall semesters loom, the annual exodus of college students from the South Fork has begun. For the area’s businesses, particularly restaurants and resorts, this presents a yearly challenge
  •     The Amagansett Presbyterian Church’s Scoville Hall looks very much as it has since a fire destroyed the building on Oct. 15. As the one-year anniversary of the fire approaches, the charred husk of the building, dedicated as the church’s parish house in 1925, remains boarded up and partially surrounded by temporary fencing.
        A sign posted in front of the building appeals for donations to finance reconstruction, listing a PayPal address and post office box in Amagansett.

  •     The Sagaponack School Board appointed Lynn Schwartz of Miller Place as the district’s part-time superintendent on Aug. 14.
        Mr. Schwartz began his job the following day, at an annual salary of $43,000.

  •    John Lennon, I miss you. 
       This thought drifted through my mind last week as I swung the car around the Plaza in Montauk where, 36 years earlier, I watched as a long black limousine eased to the curb. Out stepped a skinny guy, hair cropped close, clad casually in orange T-shirt, blue jeans, and sandals; and his companion, tiny, long black hair flowing down and around a white kimono that billowed in the April breeze.

  •    Like the blues itself, “Big Maybelle: Soul of the Blues,” through Sept. 2 at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, is a terrible beauty. Born out of the horror of slavery and the ongoing march to overcome its far-reaching legacy, blues music gives voice to the dichotomies of uplift and anguish, hope and despair.

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