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  • East Hampton Town's supervisor has sent a letter to the governor urging his "immediate intervention" to halt PSEG's installation of new, taller poles and electrical transmission lines.
  • East Hampton Village, which already restricts when gas-powered leaf blowers and hedge trimmers can be used, is contemplating further restrictions.
  •        Advisory Committee left the group’s Monday-night meeting feeling like they were chasing trains that have left the station.

           Jack and Helene Forst, residents of East Hampton Village, had been invited to the meeting to tell Amagansett residents of their effort to halt PSEG Long Island’s ongoing upgrade to the electrical grid. That discussion is covered elsewhere in this issue.

  • Opposition to PSEG Long Island’s ongoing upgrade to electrical transmission lines in East Hampton Town is intensifying.
  •        If the East Hampton Town Trustees have their way, advertisements for this summer’s Great Bonac Fireworks Show over Three Mile Harbor will include an explanation as to why the harbor will be closed to shellfishing in the days following the event.

  •     I was wrong, and the nuns were right. It turns out Hell does exist.

        I was not going to argue. I knew I deserved this. Still, I didn’t know what had happened, only that when I awoke, I was in a parking lot a short walk from the gates of Hell.

        I got out of my car and walked through the strangely frigid air to the ticket machine. There were signs posted everywhere about putting a ticket on your dashboard — as though you were ever coming back, once through those gates.

  •     East Hampton’s deer population can breathe easy, for this year anyway. Both Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell and Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. said on Friday that the planned thinning of the herd, which had been proposed by the Long Island Farm Bureau in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture, would not take place this winter.

  • East Hampton Village officials were asked to apply for an injunction to stop PSEG from all work on the East Hampton to Amagansett transmission line when residents of McGuirk Street and the surrounding neighborhood crowded into the conference room at Village Hall on Tuesday.
  •     Eight of the nine East Hampton Town Trustees voted to approve the repair of a rock revetment on the beach in front of 7 West End Road in East Hampton Village at a special meeting on Tuesday.

        Anthony Manheim, the owner, submitted plans for the proposed revetment to the trustees in August. The proposal had been the subject of some dissent on the board. Deborah Klughers, a trustee, was unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting but asked that her letter opposing  the repair be read into the record.

  • On Feb. 15, Dell Cullum will lead an ambitious beach clean-up effort in cooperation with the East Hampton Town litter committee.

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