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  • They were both Democratic hopefuls, after all, and the criticisms and ­policy differences were articulated gently when East Hampton Town Councilman David Lys and David Gruber, a former chairman of the town’s Democratic Committee who is challenging him in next Thursday’s Democratic primary, met Tuesday night in a debate hosted by the East Hampton Group for Good Government.
  • The Democratic Party primary election next Thursday will determine not only the party’s nominee for the fifth seat on the East Hampton Town Board, but also the membership of the town’s Democratic Committee, which, atypically, is hotly contested this year. In every one of the town’s election districts, each of which has two seats on the committee, there are primary challenges.
  • The East Hampton Town Board will continue hearing a proposal tonight to abandon the ownership of an unopened road between Cranberry Hole Road and Abram’s Landing Road in Amagansett while accepting a permanent scenic, conservation, and trail easement over the road, which is part of the Paumanok Path, a hiking trail that runs from Rocky Point to Montauk Point State Park.
  • After testing on Wednesday confirmed a blue-green algae bloom in the southern end of Fort Pond and an elevated risk of another in the pond's northern end, Concerned Citizens of Montauk is urging people to stay out of the pond and keep children and pets from coming in contact with the water.
  • Commercial fishermen are mostly opposed to the wind farm, fearing damage or destruction of fishing grounds and potential alteration of migration patterns caused by the electromagnetic frequency emitted by its transmission cable.
  • I lived in Montauk as a child, and spent several summers there as a young adult, but it wasn’t until years later that I finally visited the Montauket.
  • The arrival of Labor Day heralds the launch of campaign season, and with a contested nomination for a seat on the East Hampton Town Board, Democrats are wasting no time.
  • The Town of East Hampton’s Natural Resources Department is overseeing a study of Hog Creek in Springs aimed at assessing nitrogen loading and identifying hot spots of nitrogen-rich groundwater intrusion so that mitigation measures can be implemented, the East Hampton Town Trustees were told on Monday.
  • In a way, history repeated itself on Saturday as a magic night unfolded at Montauk Point. The musician Paul Simon, who more than 30 years ago built a house on the bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean not too far away, performed four songs before an ecstatic crowd at Montauk Music Festival Rocks the Lighthouse.
  • A State Supreme Court judge agreed with the East Hampton Town Republican Committee when she ruled on Friday that many of the signatures supporting David Gruber's candidacy on the Independence Party line were "replete with fraudulent dates and forged signatures."

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