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  • It would be great publicity for all involved, if anyone reads it. That was part of my thinking this week on a story about a portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis whose ownership is disputed in a federal lawsuit.
  • Lost long ago, a high school ID found on the beach in Montauk and still legible will be returned to the woman who owned it, now 63.
  • Weekday mornings, after I drop off my son, Ellis, at school, I stop by the coffee shop in Bridgehampton. It’s more of a habit, I guess, than a ritual, but it has become part of my routine. So, too, is it for a handful of other morning regulars who linger, sitting and talking across the floor with one another about politics as customers in more of a hurry come and go.
  • Sorry to say, I did not get the name of the reader who stopped by The Star last week with a small skein of darning thread.
  • David Lys, a member of the town zoning board of appeals and founder of Citizens for Access Rights, is expected to be formally appointed on Thursday night.
  • There is no darning yarn at the Sag Harbor Variety Store, as I discovered the other day after making a trip there from Amagansett. I had found a hole in one of my gray wool mittens while shoveling the driveway during the last big snow, and, knowing I had only beige yarn in my sewing box, had planned my day around getting to Sag Harbor for the right stuff. Some time ago, though I can’t say how long, the shop stocked a good supply. No longer.
  • A marine rescue team was en route to Amagansett Tuesday afternoon to pick up a young seal that was discovered on a roadside a considerable distance from Gardiner's Bay.
  • Driving along Long Lane before the freeze broke a few days ago and looking out of the left side of my truck over the corn stubble, I noticed a large number of crows in among the Canada geese.
  • A man was found dead in the snow at Sammy's Beach at Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton on Monday afternoon after he apparently collasped while trying to free his vehicle from a snowdrift.
  • As of 6 a.m. Thursday, the National Weather Service increased its predicted snowfall for most of Long Island and southern Connecticut to between 8 to 12 inches.

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