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  • Financial disclosures for East Hampton Town races that will be decided this Election Day show similar bottom lines between the Democratic and Republican fund-raising committees and candidates and very little heat.
  • There was no reason to doubt the caller, even though he would give only his first name. I had heard a story second-hand on Tuesday that a whale had become tangled in a gill net off the Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett and hoped to get someone on the record who had seen what happened.
  • The main committee supporting East Hampton Town Republicans missed a Friday deadline to provide a required campaign finance report to New York State regulators.
  • I popped Facebook open this morning and was surprised to see a video advertisement featuring Jeff Bragman, who is running for a place on the East Hampton Town Board.
  • At the end of the season in 1909, Frank B. Wiborg had a $261 balance due to Strong Bros. Livery Stable. This I learned from a tattered, cloth-covered ledger that was in the office attic.
  • A crowd estimated at more than 300 gathered for lunch Sunday for the formal dedication of a garden designed for the bees at the East Hampton Historical Farm Museum.
  • Debra Foster, a former Springs School teacher and town official, will speak at the East Hampton Library on Saturday about a 40-year effort to manage development.
  • A group of us were on the beach Sunday night watching the sunset over the hills across the bay as a sound like thunder rolled across the water. Because it was not quite dark, our assumption was that it could not be fireworks, and no distant sparks could be seen on the horizon, and some among our group of picnickers assumed the end was nigh.
  • As other East End towns had increases in the first eight months of the year, East Hampton's 2-percent transfer tax fell by double digits.
  • A week ago Sunday at Accabonac Harbor for a picnic, I announced to a friend that I was going to set off to search the shoreline for Native American stone tools. I had gotten excited about the prospect looking at images from the Montauk Indian Museum of arrowheads and other things picked up on the beach here and there. “I’ll be back shortly,” I said.

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