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  • A group of us were on the beach Sunday night watching the sunset over the hills across the bay as a sound like thunder rolled across the water. Because it was not quite dark, our assumption was that it could not be fireworks, and no distant sparks could be seen on the horizon, and some among our group of picnickers assumed the end was nigh.
  • As other East End towns had increases in the first eight months of the year, East Hampton's 2-percent transfer tax fell by double digits.
  • A week ago Sunday at Accabonac Harbor for a picnic, I announced to a friend that I was going to set off to search the shoreline for Native American stone tools. I had gotten excited about the prospect looking at images from the Montauk Indian Museum of arrowheads and other things picked up on the beach here and there. “I’ll be back shortly,” I said.
  • The National Hurricane Center said that Hurricane Jose would weaken and pass well east of Long Island, but tropical storm conditions were forecast for midweek, with wind, rain, and high seas.
  • Tropical storm conditions are expected on Long Island on Wednesday, but the likelihood of a direct hit from the category-one Hurricane Jose remains low, the National Hurricane Center said in a Saturday forecast discussion.
  • That’s just what it costs, or so I was told when I got through venting to someone on the Star staff this week about a plumber’s bill that I thought was highway robbery. I’d identify the plumber, but, if what the office wisdom says is true is, in fact, true, everyone is doing it.
  • County officials issued a warning against water contact at 64 swimming beaches after heavy rain on Wednesday.
  • Among the mountain of depressing news surrounding President Trump’s decision to end the program that protected from deportation some 800,000 young people brought illegally as children to this country was the observation in The New York Times that when Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals began, some immigrant advocates and lawyers warned against participation.
  • Pages filled with family milestones offer glimpse of Montauketts’ continuity.
  • For whatever reason, I did not get the old Sunfish rigged and onto the beach ready to sail until about halfway through August. Summer is like that, I told myself: Something always comes up.

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