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  • Earlier this year if you had asked about the upcoming local political season in East Hampton, the response would have been little more than a shrug. Not anymore.
  • Since the crash that killed two Sag Harbor men on April 9, I have driven past the accident site on Brick Kiln Road several times. It has had relevance for me, if at a remove, because my older daughter was in another vehicle that happened to...
  • Rules for Cars 101: You should never, not even for a second, leave anything on top of your car unless it’s tied down. This includes pocket books, Java Nation coffee cups, important papers, and, especially, small children.
  • Comments that Americans have all but forgotten about the great outdoors are every where these days, from children’s television to the White House Council on Fitness. An e-mail newsletter from the Renewable Energy Long Island group brought notice this week of a new effort to get people off their duffs and doing something to connect with nature.

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