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  • East Hampton Democrats' strong showing in the Tuesday election carried over to the town trustees contest.
  • This week, amid juggling pre-election stories, it has been project time in the Rattray household. Evvy, our sixth grader, volunteered to make one of the party games for a school Halloween party, and so, after spending Tuesday trying to make sense of campaign finance reports, I raced home with a slab of builder’s blue foam.
  • Late-hour contributions to an aviation-industry political action committee campaigning on behalf of the East Hampton Republican Party's candidates for supervisor and town board have pushed the total 2015 take to more than half a million dollars.
  • Concerned about a dearth of year-round, affordable housing, East Hampton Town officials are working on changes that encourage more legal apartments in existing buildings.

  • It had been some time since we last thought about the Montauk Monster around the office. But on Tuesday, our memories were refreshed by a query from a National Geographic television program producer looking for images for an upcoming program.
  • In an event hosted by Concerned Citizens of Montauk at the hamlet's firehouse, Tom Knobel, the Republican Committee chairman and its candidate for supervisor, said several times that the town board had worked too often on new laws behind closed doors and held too many executive sessions.
  • While observing that both East Hampton Town and state polices favor so-called soft erosion control, a court magistrate said that an Army Corps determination had concluded that the project "does not run afoul of those restrictions.”
  • Financial filings with the New York State Board of Elections indicate that roughly three-quarters of the money raised by East Hampton Republicans since June has come from businesses and individuals with ties to the town’s airport.
  • Lisa said it would get worse before it got better and she was right. There is a rule of etiquette that says that it is impolite to talk about one’s health, but if describing the cold that has been working its way through our household will convince one person to go scrub their hands, it will have been worth it.
  • Anna Pump, who was nationally known for her “Loaves and Fishes Cookbook” and its successors, as well as her Sagaponack gourmet food shop of the same name, was remembered this week after being struck by a truck on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton on Monday.

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