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  • Outstanding in the Field, a self-described "restaurant without walls," made the East End Community Organic Farm in East Hampton the latest stop on its 2013 "roving culinary adventure."
  •     So I got a ticket. Not a speeding ticket, a parking ticket. At Trout Pond. Wrong place, wrong time. Guilty.
        But. . . . What went through my mind was this:
        This doesn’t apply to me, because I was working.
        I didn’t see the sign.
        I didn’t look for a sign.
        I wouldn’t have read the sign if I had been looking for it or if I had seen it because:
        I was working.

  •   Whether competing or joining their parents at lunch under the tents, the kids of the Hampton Classic were dressed for the event.

  • Last week's Hampton Classic Horse Show  in Bridgehampton was a people-watching extravaganza, with those with an interest in horses or in socializing congregating around and under the V.I.P. tent. Durell Godfrey spent a week at the Classic, and these are some of her snaps.

  • The East Hampton Library's Authors Night event last weekend was well attended by both authors and patrons.
  • Those looking for a little something to hang over the couch or a hidden gem soon to be an East End masterpiece flocked to Guild Hall on Saturday
  •    If you were to sit in the back seat of my car or hitch a ride in my pocket, you would hear me composing rules like Gibbs does on “NCIS.” Naturally, because they are mine, they are less terse than his. Maybe they are suggestions and disgruntlements rather than rules, but I like “NCIS,” and if I can channel Gibbs, why not? Another favorite, Melissa Harris Perry on MSNBC, reads (on air) a letter to someone to whom she would like to make a point. She also inspires me. Herewith:
    Dear people:

  • Dear significant-others of the comb over guys,
        I know you are suffering, and I am here to help. Trim this part off and leave the rest of this article around the house for the gents to see in the sanctity of the room where they do the comb-over.

    The Comb-Over
        Do the gentlemen with seven hairs 11 inches long that stretch from left ear to right ear really think that that looks like a healthy head of hair? Really?

  •     A funny coincidence brought Marcus Mumford and Kirsty McGaul and the tandem bike they had ridden from Boston to the Ladies Village Improvement Society’s headquarters in East Hampton on April 23.

  •    I grew up in Manhattan. I traveled to school on a school bus and when I was old enough I used my school bus pass to take the regular public buses. The uptown buses often let you out right onto subway grates. Not a problem, we wore school uniforms . . . with bloomers. No kidding.

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