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  • Time was when the few weeks after Labor Day, the leaves magically changed into technicolor and blew down the street in a scratchy buzz, while otherwise there was mostly silence.
  • East Hampton Town and Southampton Hospital are moving quickly toward breaking ground on a emergency-care facility, possibly off Pantigo Road just east of Town Hall. Many questions remain, and we are concerned that in the eagerness to get moving, some of the numbers used to justify the roughly $40 million project are being overstated.
  • One of the perennial problems in East Hampton Town is a kind of amnesia that falls on residents and policy makers alike once summer ends. The cool and quieter days of late September and early October wash away the high season’s many frustrations, and the torments that had marked July and August are forgotten.
  • New York State has a big push under way to promote what is known as agritourism. On the East End, this is mainly the phenomena of drawing large masses of paying visitors to wineries, as is seen on the North Fork. And it also extends to breweries and distilleries. This week, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced a $2 million program to promote destinations and events. A mobile app backed by the state will be revamped to further pump up food and beverage travel.
  • Visitors who passed the green at East Hampton Town Pond on Columbus Day weekend may have been puzzled by its appearance. After an excavation that created several pools, new grass had just begun to appear, and the place almost had the look of an abandoned industrial site.
  • With every new outrage from Donald Trump, his support among Republicans dwindles. At press time, reporters around the country were describing a “civil war” within the G.O.P., as leaders of Mr. Trump’s own party threw up their hands in disgust and responsible members fled in droves. Yet Lee Zeldin, our first-term representative from the First Congressional District, is hanging tough in his support of the rogue nominee.
  • The East Hampton Town Board is expected to listen this evening to what the public has to say about a planned one-year moratorium on changes on most commercially used properties along Montauk Highway in Wainscott. As members consider the proposal, they should think about whether a similar building pause should be imposed in Montauk, where, if anything, the stakes and pressures are far higher.
  • Much as we like the Hamptons International Film Festival and the action it brings at this time of year, one aspect deserves more attention: Main Street in East Hampton Village.
  • Drivers passing the former East Hampton Bowl property on Montauk Highway have been doing double takes in recent days as the steel frame for a hulking new building was erected nearly atop the roadway. According to East Hampton Village, the structure is to be leased to CVS, the pharmacy chain, and meets all zoning requirements. Expect things to look even worse as the frame is sheathed and an approved 24-foot-long illuminated corporate sign goes up.
  • It was doomed from the start. Anything with the word reformulation, even in 1960, must have been unlikely to inspire confidence, much less beat back the sea. But carry on the Army Corps of Engineers did — and for 53 years. Its effort to build erosion control and hurricane protection structures between Fire Island and Montauk Point was never going to work for a variety of reasons — reasons that should have been understood then, but most certainly are now.