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  •     The owners of the Surf Lodge in Montauk, who have accrued more than 640 alleged town code violations over the past four months, submitted site plans to the East Hampton Town Planning Board on Sept. 21. The board will discuss them at its meeting on Wednesday.

  •     Here it is, the second installment of neurotic observations from an urbanite transplanted to a small town.
        Fall is here, and I’m not sure how that happened. Steeped in a new job and locale, my learning curve has kept me busy, but it feels like things are starting to slow down. Or maybe it’s that I’m finally gaining a better hold on the whirlwind of happenings out here.

  •         “It’s a good cause, showing expensive movies to rich people,” said Bill McCuddy, a media critic for, who presented the Hamptons International Film Festival awards on Sunday at Guild Hall. Tongue in cheek aside, it was a night for independent filmmakers to receive accolades for their work that might potentially propel it into the mainstream.

  •     The Montauk Rugby Club pulverized the Union Mudturtles, who hail from New Jersey, with a 44-11 win at a Division II match at Herrick Park in East Hampton Saturday.
        With three games left in the season, the Sharks (5-0) played excellent offense, and are well on their way to the championship.

  •     The East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals approved the construction of a rock revetment on the Montauk bluffs Tuesday night, apparently setting a precedent on coastal erosion structures.

  • Passed by five votes, the Stony Hill Stables subdivision was approved at the East Hampton Town Planning Board meeting on Sept. 28. Passed by five votes,
  •     Chaps may have their place in the world of fashion, but when it comes to using a chain saw, they are a definite must.
        Michael Gaines, founder and president of CW Arborists in East Hampton, held a free chain-saw safety class on Sept. 15 at his place of business on Three Mile Harbor Road. Seven people listened intently as he instructed them about the intricacies of chain-saw techniques.

  •     In the world of sports, youth has its cachet; however, when it comes to boccie, seniority, and all its wisdom, has its perks. The Founders, a boccie ball team of 59 to 88-year-old men, took the Southampton Boccie League championship Sept. 18 on the court at North Sea Park. Their opponents, Southampton United, a much younger team, 37 to 61 years old, were defeated 12-6 in the first game, and again, 12-6 in the final deciding match.

  • The East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals heard an application on Tuesday evening that challenged a certificate of occupancy granted for a convenience store at 148 North Main Street, East Hampton, adjacent to an Empire gas station.
  • The East Hampton Zoning Board of Appeals reached a unanimous decision on Tuesday night to deny the construction of a large dock in Lake Montauk.