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  • This has been a rough winter for my husband and me, even though we’re 1,100 miles south of the snow, and it’s been made no easier by reports from Amagansett of big changes in store for the quiet street we’ve lived on for — whoa — one year short of 50. (Like Jack Graves, I may soon be reading my own words in the “Years Ago” column.)

  • During a two-day auction held last week in Easton, Md., in conjunction with the annual Maryland Waterfowl Festival, six shorebird decoys carved by Eugene Cuffee, a Shinnecock Indian who has been dead for 73 years, sold for a total of $12,550.

  • At a highly anticipated estate sale in Sagaponack this weekend, bargain and memento hunters had a chance to buy items belonging to Peter Matthiessen, the prominent author and environmentalist, who died in April.
  • Old trees have stories to tell, sometimes as much as any book of geography or local history, about the places where they grow and the people who planted or nurtured them.

    Take, for example, the magnificent pair of tulip trees that tower over Ocean Avenue between Pudding Hill Lane and Crossways in East Hampton Village. Anyone who has walked or biked along that road on the way to Main Beach has to have noticed them, 20 feet or so apart, each about 125 feet tall and 10 feet around.

  • I am still angry, from 3,000 miles away, at an old man whom I do not know and will never meet, but who unnerved my daughter Julia to the point where she went on Facebook to tell the story to her friends and ask for their take. This happened in Portland, Ore., but it could have been anywhere.

    Here is what she wrote, along with some of the many comments. I know the comments helped her get over it, and I’m betting that rehashing it in this way will do the same for me.

    Elly, by the way, is 5 years old. Jeff is my son-in-law.

  • What was once a schoolroom for young gentlewomen is now the office of the mayor of East Hampton Village.
  • Registered Democrats head to the polls Tuesday in a primary election to choose candidates for governor and lieutenant governor of New York State.
  • The dean of Yale University’s School of Architecture lives on a well-traveled road north of the highway in East Hampton, next door to a construction site where, after his attempt to buy the lot fell through, a nondescript house is going up.

  • It is over a year since The Star last reported on progress on the national historic landmark in East Hampton that is being restored to its former somewhat unorthodox glory.
  • Back in April at the height of the daffodil season, I wondered in this space whether hijacking your neighbor’s flowers — considering that the neighbor’s lot was just a gritty wasteland waiting for the construction of what would probably be yet another blight on the block — was really such a bad thing.

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