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  • In stricken communities all over the metropolitan area, libraries became a refuge last week for people seeking warmth, information, and connection.
  •     Dr. Ethel Person, a noted psychoanalytic theoretician who lectured internationally on human sexuality and gender identity, died on Oct. 16 at her home in Manhattan. She was 77.

  •     Monday’s monthly meeting of the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee saw an unusually small turnout, only nine people including the chairman, Kieran Brew; the vice chairwoman, Sheila Okin, and the committee’s liaison from the East Hampton Town Board, Councilwoman Sylvia Overby, who began the brief session with an upbeat report on Eli Zabar’s Farmers Market.

  •    It didn’t take long for architects and architecture buffs to hear that something extraordinary had gone up on Spaeth Lane in East Hampton, and before they knew it Ellin and Renny Saltzman were coping every weekend with small armies of wide-eyed trespassers.

  •    It takes Fred Overton, the East Hampton Town Clerk, two days to make 30 gallons of chowder. He does the kitchen prep the day before and puts everything together in two 15-gallon vats on the morning of the East Hampton Town Trustees’ Largest Clam Contest.

  •     A dozen or more people who left town when the season started and haven’t been seen at an Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee meeting in months showed up on Monday night for a well-attended meeting, much of it devoted to talk about rapacious taxicabs.
        Taxis have, to his knowledge, been charging as much as $75 or $80 for a ride from Montauk to Amagansett, said Michael Cinque. Was there any way to regulate them?

  •         Cynthia Young, the director of the Amagansett Library, talked to the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee before the start of its Monday night meeting about a Suffolk County program called JEEP, for Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan, aimed at people in wheelchairs or the homebound who cannot leave their houses in an emergency situation without help.

  •    Where most people’s houses are landscaped by trees, shrubs, or flowering plants, Michael Cinque’s, set back from Montauk Highway opposite an Amagansett gas station, is surrounded on three sides by grape vines, 100 or more, neatly trained against wire trellises but growing so closely up against the windows that you can reach right through and touch them.

  •     Leslie Schaeffer, a 30-year resident of East Hampton, died on Friday at Stony Brook University Medical Center of a stroke, six weeks after emergency spinal cord surgery for a massive infection. She was 66.
        Her death came as a shock to members of the South Fork Country Club, where she had been playing her usual determined game of golf not long before the operation. A daughter, Casey Schaeffer, said her mother had been complaining of back pain for a while but thought she had strained her neck.

  • One of East Hampton Town’s most storied marine buildings, second only to the Montauk Lighthouse, is undergoing a restoration.