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  • Jeremy Nussbaum of Amagansett and New York City, a prominent attorney and the co-owner with his wife, Charline Spektor, of the BookHampton stores, died at their Manhattan apartment on June 12.
  •     As the clock neared 8 p.m. and Rona Klopman’s call for a leash law met with polite silence, it looked as if Monday’s meeting of the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee would be ending an hour earlier than usual.
        Proceedings that night had been brisk. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, the May minutes were approved, and John Ryan, chief of the town lifeguards, gave an informative rundown on water safety and the new numbered-beach system, all within 15 minutes.

  •    The other day Apple iTunes, after years of meekly opening when clicked upon, inexplicably balked, demanding that I put in my password and username before it would let me give it 99 cents to hear Petula Clark singing “Downtown.”
        Aaargh. Am I the only fool alive who can hardly ever come up with the right combination of those two maddening computer evils?

  •     The prospect of a change in the town code that would allow veterinary clinics to locate in central business districts gave the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee some jitters on Monday night.

  • Part of a story about the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee’s Nov. 14 meeting was inadvertently omitted from last week’s Star.
  • The town-owned parking lot behind Amagansett Main Street has 157 spaces, but shopowners have long said more are needed.
  • Half an hour before the polls closed, finding a seat at Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett, where Republicans gathered Tuesday night to watch the election results, was already a chancy proposition.
  •     Four days before voters in the Amagansett Fire District approved the $2.8 million purchase of a two-acre parcel next door to the firehouse, the site of the former Pacific East restaurant, some residents learned that it had been sold by court order in May for $500,000.
  • The Amagansett Fire District will acquire a two-acre parcel at 415 Main Street, next door to the firehouse, following a public referendum on Tuesday night.
  • Ted Dragon, who was born Edward Dragon Young but dropped his last name as a young man, died at home on in East Hampton on Sunday. He had been the longtime companion of the artist Alfonso Ossorio.