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  • One of the 20 floats in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was presented by Montauk’s St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic Church.
  • When Andy White painted a bold image of an anchor with the words “Montauk the End” in first grade, he probably hoped his parents might display it somewhere at home. Little did he know that it would eventually be emblazoned on dozens of T-shirts to be worn by friends, family, and people who had never met the Montauk student, now 9.
  • For anyone stuck outside of Montauk with the August blues again, next week’s Music for Montauk schedule of concerts should be a soothing balm. The series, which runs from Tuesday to Aug. 22, will have world-class musicians performing creative musical programs in unconventional locations.
  • I had never really thought about traveling to South Africa. Cape Town wasn’t on my bucket list. But . . .

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