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  • When James Katsipis, a Montauk photographer who captures surfers in all seasons, put out the call on Facebook and Instagram for female “models” to participate in his new “Mermaids of Montauk” series, he was flooded with inquiries from all over the country.

  • The Diamond in the Rough Gala, the Montauk Playhouse Community Center’s most elegant and largest fund-raiser of the season, will be held under a lighted tent on the Playhouse grounds on Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m. A full-course meal will be served, with an open bar and music by the Nancy Atlas Project.

  • A house on South Federal Street in Montauk has drawn the ire of year-round neighbors who say it is a party house disrupting their summer, and one neighbor has started a Facebook page, Montauk Rental Madness, showing video of what goes on.
  • Freedom Fighter Outdoors was started by Vinnie LaSorsa, the mate on the singer Jimmy Buffett’s sportfishing boat, and his wife, Sarah LaSorsa. It provides wounded veterans fishing, hunting, and other outdoor opportunities.
  • Taking into consideration the way our visitors are driving this summer and the pedestrians darting in front of cars outside of marked crosswalks, it has given me ample opportunity to think about heaven, if I should be so lucky to land there someday.

  • Visitors to Aubrey Roemer’s cool, sizable studio, in a rented basement apartment in Montauk, are greeted with a sea of local faces painted on linen and strung from the rafters of the room. The work was originally called “The Montauk Portrait Project,” but she has since decided to call it “Leviathan,” to represent a large vessel of the sea.

    Her goal was to capture at least 10 percent of the hamlet’s year-round community, roughly 400 people. At last count, on June 19, she had completed 100 pieces, and has now decided to shoot for 500.

  • The folks at the Montauk Juice Factory are so in love with Montauk and its people that they’ve opened a place where customers can get healthy just by drinking one of their concoctions. And there are many to choose from.

  • Interns studying water quality in Montauk’s Big Reed Pond for the Third House Nature Center presented their findings to a small group at the Montauk Library on Friday.

    Conrad Kabbaz, Daisy Kelly, and Serrana Mattiauda explained that a contaminant called cyanobacteria, otherwise known as a blue-green algae bloom, has choked the freshwater pond of its oxygen, killing off plant life and several species of fish, including large-mouthed bass and whitefish. The bacteria can be toxic to people and to animals, who may sip from the water or as they walk around its edge.

  • Will Collins, a Montauk School physical education teacher, took part in the Ride to Montauk on May 31 and exceeded his $500 goal, raising $1,400 for Katy’s Courage.

    Mr. Collins said he was working at the Lobster Roll restaurant on Napeague the night after he was hired by the school on May 31 of last year and learned about the Ride to Montauk from a group of bicyclists he was waiting on.

    “I quickly tried to decide how I could tie the event to the kids at the Montauk School,” he said by email.

  • The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has warn?ed that cyanobacteria, which is informally known as blue-green algae, has been found in Big Reed Pond off East Lake Drive in Montauk and could be hazardous to people and animals, especially dogs that take a dip in the pond or even walk too close to its edge. Big Reed Pond, as well as Lake Agawam in Southampton and Marratooka Lake in Mattituck, has been declared off-limits for people and dogs by the D.E.C.

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  • A good-sized crowd turned out to support Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive who is running for governor on the Republican and Conservative lines, at East by Northeast restaurant in Montauk on Thursday evening.

    Mr. Astorino, a former radio producer who lives in Mount Pleasant, N.Y.,  is making a bid against Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, in November. He announced his candidacy in March, and accepted the Republican nomination in May. He is in his second term as Westchester County executive.