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  • Arlene Bujese has had a long association with East End artists through several galleries and independent projects. This history has made her partnership with the Southampton Cultural Center successful for all concerned.
  • Orson Munn grew up during the Great Depression, when skinny boys were considered sickly and were often sent to bed in the afternoon for rest. Munn, a summer resident of Southampton from his birth in 1925 until he died in 2011, was one of those boys, according to his wife, Pat Munn.
  • A political season with many candidates hoping to distinguish themselves in the race for their party’s nomination has created little light but a great deal of heat in American discourse. Most of the smoke of the campaign is traveling well north and west of here (the New York State federal primary election is not until April 18). Yet many artists on the South Fork and farther afield have taken note of the acrimony, and their reactions now hang at the White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton.
  • Last week’s announcement of the Academy Award nominations for 2015 films included a number with connections to the South Fork.
  • Don’t you just love permanent-collection shows? Even institutions as large as the Metropolitan Museum of Art never get to show all of their holdings at one time. Sometimes there are good reasons objects are not on display, but many times it just has to do with whether they fit a chosen theme or time period.
  • At a time when Iowa is dominating the headlines because of its imminent caucuses to help select the next president, the sobering differences between the mores and beliefs of middle America and those of the coastal elites could not be clearer.
  • This year’s Winter Salon at the Drawing Room gallery in East Hampton once again defies expectation and reminds us that installing an art exhibition is an art in itself. The directors’ great eyes for artists and visual relationships add up to a memorable visual experience — a collective POW!
  • Artwork by Peter Spacek, Jeff Muhs, Charles Waller, David Geiser, Anna Jurinich, Caren Sturmer, Michael Cardicino, and Rossa Cole will be featured in Mark Seidenfeld’s exhibition “America on Fire: A Politically Incorrect Show,” at The White Room Gallery.
  • There is a good deal of excitement at the Bay Street Theater in advance of its 25th season, so much so that Scott Schwartz, the artistic director, has already announced two of its upcoming summer productions just on the cusp of 2016.
  • For several years Daniel Jones has been photographing the East End. Based in Southold, he has captured the North Fork waterways as well as Cooper's Beach and Flying Point in Southampton.

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